Ten Ideas for Lists to Blog About

Sometimes, we just need a push to get writing. And list-making is a simple, but effective tool. The list could be your end product, or it might just serve as a springboard for something else. Regardless of  how you typically use it, we’re going to celebrate the humble list!

Come by McMama Says every Tuesday to share your list of 10 things (or 5, or 12 – we won’t hold you to exactly 10). As long as it’s family-friendly, anything goes!

To get you started this week, here’s a list of ten lists you could write.

blogging prompts: 10 list ideas

  1. Our Family’s Top Ten Read-Aloud Chapter Books
  2. My Ten Favorite Decorating Sources
  3. Ten Things I Still Want to Learn
  4. The First Ten Manners to Teach Toddlers & Preschoolers
  5. Ten Ways to Upcycle Old Jeans
  6. Ten Tips for Spring Cleaning
  7. My Top Ten Kitchen Staples
  8. Cut & Paste: Ten Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know
  9. Ten Things I Want My Kids to Know About Me
  10. Ten Awesome Smoothie Recipes

Did you post a list this week? Link it up below so we can check it out. Then be sure to hop around and visit some other blogs so you can read their lists, too!

(A link back here from somewhere on your blog would also help other people find us.)

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5 thoughts on “Ten Ideas for Lists to Blog About

    • I’ve read a lot of lists of blogging prompts myself and have to agree that, while they look good – they’re not always the most inspiring to me, personally. But I find that writing lists often helps me find my own inspiration – even if the list started out as just as “assignment.”

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